• Poetry: Discovering Sanctuary
    In the hushed sanctuary of my devoted practice, I patiently await the gentle glow of spirit, Embracing the obsidian expanse of sensory night. The world outside fades away, As my tether to its chaos is severed. The room envelops me in tranquil darkness, Silencing the clamour of noise, scent, flavour, touch, and vision. With a… Read more: Poetry: Discovering Sanctuary
  • IDEAS: Training Individuals as Spiritual Guides in Spiritualism
    In the realm of spiritualism, we’ve come to recognize a significant gap in our approach—one that has placed an excessive emphasis on the development of mediumship. While mediumship is undoubtedly valuable, it often leaves non-mediums and even mediums themselves longing for a deeper exploration of the spiritual aspects of their being. The issue lies in… Read more: IDEAS: Training Individuals as Spiritual Guides in Spiritualism
  • Couples Counselling: Their Trauma Becomes Our Shared Journey
    In this discussion, we explore the intricacies of trauma within relationships. To start, let’s define trauma—it’s essentially unresolved negative experiences from one’s past that significantly affect a person. To cope, our psyche tends to bury these experiences deep within the subconscious mind. However, they persist, and unless addressed at some point, they continue to impact… Read more: Couples Counselling: Their Trauma Becomes Our Shared Journey
  • Poetry: The Preacher Man
    The preacher man with fire and brimstone looked at me ‘Unless you are saved, you are going to burn in the fires of hell’ he cried. Full of the self-righteous piety of his steely eyed faith Shadows casting their projection around him like a cloak I felt his fury, his scorn, his depraved need to… Read more: Poetry: The Preacher Man
  • Poetry: The Unanswered Question
    Stop looking for answers hold instead to the question in your heart. The question taken inwards unfolds into a stairway that guides you down into the centre of your soul where the wonder, mystery, and grace of the unknowing light a candle in the darkness. Where majesty and mundane can exchange notes that only a… Read more: Poetry: The Unanswered Question
  • Poetry: The Inner Monastery
    From Womb to Tomb        ©2023 John F. Doherty In life’s embrace,from womb till tomb we stay,meeting challenges that come our way.Equilibrium sways ‘twixt faith’s two poles,Incarnation’s risk:where emotion rolls.Unknown fate beckons,in shadows it hides,death of form,where all impact subsides.Yet deep within,layers obscurely laid,a path emerges,though often waylaid.Spiritual journey through brokenness and pain,seeking love and… Read more: Poetry: The Inner Monastery
  • Spirituality: The Light of Heaven
    Navigating Small School and Big School Spirituality Introduction: In this presentation, we will explore the concept of small school spirituality and big school spirituality. It is important to note that these terms are not judgments about individuals, but rather reflections of our personal needs and the extent of our struggles. Both forms of spirituality coexist… Read more: Spirituality: The Light of Heaven
  • Awareness: The Compromised Self
    Many of us often find ourselves trapped in relationships or situations that leave us feeling unhappy and stuck