Why Supervision?

Supervision = Professional Support & Development

It’s not about someone looking over your shoulder as the name implies, rather it comes from a Therapy background where therapists would go to a supervisor to unpack, reflect and grow in their work.

I offer Cross- Professional Supervision.

This means that you are the expert in your field of work and I am the expert in helping you to reflect, unpack and grow in the professional areas of that job.


What does that mean?

It means managing stress, conflict situations and challenges in the workplace.

It means having a safe space to talk about your successes but also your failures and learn from these. Asking how can I do it better the next time?!

It means finding a good work / life balance or recognizing when the stress of one context is leaking into another.

It means taking better care of yourself so that you are at your best.

It means developing and polishing your professional profile.

It means learning to manage relationships with yourself, your colleagues and your team to become a better leader and employee.

What does it look like?

I offer 1-1 sessions usually every 2-3 weeks (once a month max) over a period of 5 sessions. These take place on Zoom at an agreed time that suits us both. It means that anytime during your busy week you can “Check-in” and take stock of how your week is going and how you are managing your professional profile. If there are any pressing issues we can “process” the impact they are having on you and “explore” insights and actions that can allow you to move forward.


I am a founding & full member of the

Supervisors Association of Ireland

connected to


Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe

and subscribe to their Code of Ethics


I offer Professional Supervision for groups or in 1-1 format with a number of variants:

  • Clinical Supervision (Medical Workers to manage stress, workload, avoid burnout, develop a reflective practice, have a professional witness for any medical malpractice events)
  • Pastoral Supervision of Chaplains (External Pastoral Supervisor for Chaplains of the Irish Prison Service)
  • External Supervision for Managers and Social work Staff in Tusla (Irish child protection agency)
  • Supervision of Ministry Work (I’m on the official One spirit supervisors list)
  • Supervision of Mindfulness Teachers with the Beehive School Teacher Training Program
  • Training Supervision for Masters Degree in Chaplaincy (for a number of years)
  • Work Supervision

Paula Murray – Careers Advisor @ Blanchardstown Local Employment Service

John has provided external supervision to our group of up to 10 Guidance Professionals in Blanchardstown Local Employment Service for the last 9 years.
I have found John to be very professional, insightful and supportive of the work and any issues faced. John uses various tools and techniques to support self exploration. He brings a wisdom and a light hearted humour to the space that he holds.

Aisling Killoran – Counsellor, Physiotherapist and Stress Manager @ Accomplish Change Clinics

John is great as my Supervisor. Be it in person or via Skype, the work and support is terrific. He has a great way of imparting his observations and his listening skills are phenomenal.He is 100% ethical and non-judgmental. His ability to see your blind-spots without jumping in with comments! along with his observation and questioning style is truly remarkable. I thoroughly would recommend John as a supervisor and also for group work and mindfulness workshops and retreats

Lyn Kirby – Unit Manager and Addiction Therapist @ Promis Clinics UK

I have been in Supervision with John since about 2011. From working with him I have gained valuable insight into the way I work and why this is so. I have always felt supported even when challenged. The benefits of being in supervision with John are that my awareness has deepened both about myself and the work I do with clients and this has been invaluable. I have learned to challenge myself with good impact on clients. When I returned to the UK in 2012 I was employed as Team Leader in an addiction and psychiatric service and started Skype supervision with John. When I left that service to take up the post as Clinical Manager at Promis London I continued Skype sessions every two weeks and these remain an important part of my support and development as a therapist. I cannot begin to thank John for his support whist working within a difficult team which helped me to be able to move forward in my career. John is a true professional demonstrating years of experience which he brings to my supervision. I have grown in confidence as a therapist as well as a person and I attribute this to my continued work with John.less

Who Helps the Helpers?

The Irish Times Tuesday 12th May 2009

Written by Sylvia Thompsoninterview with John Doherty

Supervisory work gives them the chance to unpack their experiences and become centred and solid even when facing difficult situations,” says Doherty.

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