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“I’ve reached out to John because I’ve gone through a few psycho-spiritual crises in the past and I needed some direction on related issues. It was great to simply talk about this with someone who understands and he also provided excellent guidance in a simple and clear manner. I highly recommend him!


My Story

In my own life I remember in my early twenties when everyone I knew was making a new career or setting out into the world I was struggling. I had experienced my first heartbreak in a relationship and was carrying a lot of personal and family baggage. I went through a number of years with depression, feeling lost, experiencing numbness, touching addiction and emptiness. Throughout this time I always had a deeper sense that underneath everything there was more but I just couldn’t access it.

It all came to a head one night after trying recreational drugs and having a bad trip. I fell into the void and would have disappeared completely except I was caught in a safety net. That safety net was my faith, my belief, my knowing that there was a Divine Power looking after me.

And so at the later end of my twenties I began my Spiritual healing journey back to myself, back into life and back into purpose. I have spent many years untangling the web of the suffering and challenges life has given me and out of this experience I vowed to offer something back.

Today, I am a happy married father of three boys in a conscious loving relationship. I have spent all my adult life studying and exploring the areas of personal and spiritual development and am drawn to be of service to my fellow companions along the road. If you are as I was and struggle with the weight of the world and are looking to free yourself and awaken to deeper meaning, connection and awareness then let me help you.

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“I had no idea what to expect when I started to work with John though I knew his work from a previous retreat I attended on The Power of Now some years ago. He is completely non judgmental and utterly compassionate and may I say has as lightly irreverent sense of humour which I like and I did not expect this in a Spiritual Counsellor . Although I was aware of the mind body connection there was always something missing for me , I yearned for the Spiritual . John not only helps you to move forwards in a very practical way but also to move inwards and connect with the Divine, with Love . I am learning that everything belongs , all the bits of me that are broken imperfect and which I thought to be unlovable . This is real joy happiness and freedom. I trust John completely and am grateful for his help support and love on this spiritual journey .”


Why Spiritual Counselling?

There are many reasons to support yourself with Spiritual counselling. At times, we are faced with overwhelming challenges in life that bowl us over, or as we get older we can feel an emptiness inside that feels lonely or unfulfilled. For many people there is a lost-ness, an anxiety or a frustration that is hard to pin down. People can settle for less, can become apathetic or even go to the dark side with addictions to try and fill this void. We try and distract ourselves enough that we never have to sit with the emptiness. Busyness can become an escape from the banality of everyday drudgery. We can move in and out of negativity sometimes spiralling into unhappiness at the least, and dark depression and suicidal thoughts at the worst.

The Good News

The good news is that there is a pathway back into connection. A way to find meaning with life’s brokenness and possibly our own shame and guilt as a human being. This is the Spiritual journey as defined as an inner exploration taking you into yourself and finally into Oneness. It has many layers and aspects to it often starting with the awareness that your life isn’t working right now the way you intuitively know it could be. Learning to befriend yourself sounds easy but spending time and sitting with your thoughts, emotions and feelings can be quite daunting. That is why it is so important to have a guide, someone who can help you to lean into your self and take this “road less travelled”.


Whatever your belief system this is a Grace journey in the sense that even though you may feel broken, numb or dispirited you are never alone. There is a power in the Universe that comes under many traditional names like God / Goddess, Allah, Buddha and many new ones like Higher Power, Divine Mystery or Oneness. This power is always present, always co-creating opportunities in the darkness for us to take this journey home and let the light of illumination and hope enter our consciousness and wake us up to our Real Self.

Darkness into Light

With darkness comes an opportunity to go deeper into yourself. At some point, or every so often we will “break through” and awaken to our true nature. This True nature or Authentic Self is alive within us and is connected to everyone and everything. It is a state of presence, connection, joy and love that arises as a backdrop to our everyday life. Imagine being so held in this state of presence and love that no matter what is happening in your everyday life around you – you feel rooted and grounded. Experiences come and go, emotions and thoughts surround us but underneath it all is a sense of peacefulness, presence and well-being. And that is only the beginning….

What Next?

I offer a program of 1-1 sessions where I can help you to reflect and explore where you are in your life and the Spiritual journey. During a session we explore and talk about how life is challenging you? We look at your beliefs and how they are changing and impacting on your everyday life or vice versa. We can talk about your spiritual path, the steps and stages of growth as well as help to deepen the process of your spiritual living. The Spiritual Counselling I offer is open to anyone searching or looking to deepen their relationship with the Oneness, or whatever words You use to describe this

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John is a Full member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International)

He is registered and as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister


Stop looking for answers
hold instead to the question
in your heart.
The question taken inwards
unfolds into a stairway
that guides you down
into the centre of your soul
where the wonder,
and grace of the unknowing
light a candle
in the darkness.
Where majesty and mundane
can exchange notes
that only a silent listener
can hear
And love plays the flute
That sends sweet melodies
To sooth your suffering
And set your spirit free

© John F. Doherty


My group – The Open Door Centre for Spirituality – in Melbourne Australia, has enjoyed professional, caring, informative interaction with John Doherty for a number of years now. The great percentage has been on Skype – accommodating the time gaps between northern and southern hemispheres. We count ourselves lucky to have access to such great formation and excellent spiritual counselling and supervision. Thanks John

Joan Howard – John of God Sisters @ The Open Door Spirituality Centre

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1-1 Spiritual Counselling

When I met John through serendipity several years ago, my life was imploding and I was losing the plot. I began working with him regularly, as bad became worse and worse. It would be an understatement to say that my life is great now. I am happier than I have ever been, and working with John continues to mean so much to me it is difficult to put in words. It has been an honour and a privilege, truly, to have John’s support through so much profound change.

Everyone in my circle knows that I hold John in the absolute highest regard. I often talk about my conversations with him, and how they have provoked change in ways that I have not expected or experienced before. They notice that I smile when I say his name, and that he challenges my obstinate patterns with love at the centre of everything.

He creates a strong and safe container and I trust him. I can talk with him about anything whatsoever and he will engage with deep interest, enthusiasm, and an open heart. He is very funny and very smart, and not easy to shock. With him I have learned that I am not alone and that everything will work out how it should.

Denise (Spain)

1-1 Spiritual Counselling

Over the years, I have attended some of John’s one-day workshops in the Sanctuary and a couple of his New Year Retreats. Because of those very positive experiences I recently contacted John for 1-1 counselling on a challenge in my career. With John’s help I ended up exploring much deeper, more meaningful issues. Over a series of Zoom calls his kind, intelligent, thoughtful and skilful approach created a safe and healing space for me. I highly recommend John’s services – from workshops to retreats to counselling. All of these have enriched my life.

Dearbhla (Ireland)

1-1 Spiritual Counselling

Working with John has been a beautiful gift. I have felt heard, seen, held and understood. He seems to naturally bring compassion, intuition, knowledge and wisdom to the counselling process. I am so happy to have found him, as I continue to explore and heal  deeper layers of unresolved issues. He truly offered me a safe space. I you are lucky enough to find John, I hope you feel like I did, blessed to be able to trust his knowing and open mind and heart.

Sara (Canada)

1-1 Spiritual Counselling

When I first met John as a teacher and lecturer in spirituality, I experienced the invigorating depth, clarity and boundaries spiced up with humour and understanding, both in his teaching and his personality. As a spiritual counsellor he cast light on the toxic shame that had stunted many areas of my life and helped me heal. He guided my inner child towards a strong sense of belonging in my own world and in my being as a confident adult. Now, whenever the insecurity and fear try to take over, I know that when I embrace with tenderness and radically accept any difficult emotions that might arise, I will be safe again. I have experienced radical improvement in every relationship I care about. I recovered intimacy in my marriage, trust in my parenting and freedom in the way I want to present in the world. It’s always work in progress, but I could not recommend him highly enough. Thank you John!

Maria (UK)

1-1 Spiritual Counselling

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to write a few words of endorsement for John Doherty. I met John through my search for Spiritual Direction in early 2021 and have been working with him since. I am an accredited psychotherapist and Spiritual Director myself and wanted companioning on my journey of exploring and deepening my Spiritual life path. My immediate experience of John was that he was authentic, honest, direct and knowledgeable. John offers deep listening, Spiritual insight and gentle informed guidance. I experience Spiritual Direction as Soul-work; The primary intention of my work with John is the deepening of my relationship with myself and the movement of Spirit in my life. In relationship with John as spiritual director, there is a safe place to share innermost thoughts and feelings. This, I feel, is where discernment is important as opposed to deciding or getting advice. John supports this discernment process through deep listening, gentle challenge, contemplative grounding and insightful guidance. As a therapist, John works ethically and professionally at all times. His candid sharing of his insight to his own life experiences has the ability to deepen the work whilst staying firmly rooted in the humanistic principles of Spiritual Direction. There is a mutuality and intimacy in the relational work of spiritual direction that is not always present in psychotherapy and I experience both of these qualities emanating from John in his work as Spiritual Director.

Martina (Ireland)