About John F. Doherty

BA Economics, MSc Computer Science, Masters of Ministry in Supervisory Practice
Dip. Psychology,Jungian Studies, Addiction Studies, Movement Psychology, Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance
Mindfulness & Spiritual Wellbeing Teacher Trainer
Registered OneSpirit Interfaith Minister & Celebrant

John F. Doherty wears  a number of hats at work:

1. Cross Professional Supervisor & Work Support

John has been teaching in primary, secondary, third level and facilitating groups for many years. Coming from a long line of teachers in his family he began his teaching career for five years in primary and secondary school. He then moved on to third level lecturing and has been working within adult education and corporate training for the last twenty seven years. After doing a masters in cross professional supervisory practice John focuses on supporting carers, practitioners and professionals in their work with others. Front-line support is an important and often neglected area that is essential to avoid burnout and continue professional development. With this in mind John helped found the Supervisory Association of Ireland in 2005 with developing links to the rest of Europe in order to support and promote these ideals. He provides group and one to one support for professionals helping them unpack, de-stress and reflect on their work. He is worked on the Masters in Chaplaincy program now in Dublin City University offering group supervision and is on the Irish prison board supervisors list as well The One Spirit Interfaith training supervisors list. Because he offers cross professional support his client list is wide ranging from solicitors to doctors, consultants, social workers, mindfulness teachers to name a few.

2. Ministry and Spiritual Counselling

After encountering Reiki healing and becoming a Reiki Master and a serious personal detox, starting in 1998 John began training in Tibetan Buddhism for eight years with the Ripga organisation and did their instructor training program. In 2003 John completed a 2 year training program in “Dancing the Rainbow” with Lani O’Hanlon and Antoinette Spillane. This was a body based movement psychology training. It led him in 2005 to the Milltown Institute of Theology & Philosophy to study spirituality and psychology and work in the Spirituality department. John has a diploma in creative psychotherapy and likes to work with particular focus on the interface between psychology and spirituality. In 2012 John also finished studying a diploma in Jungian studies, exploring in-depth the work of Dr. Carl Jung. He is a full member of SDI the Spiritual Directors International Association and a registered Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Guide ROSIM.

3. Mindfulness  – Contemplative Teacher & Spiritual Director, Facilitator & Guide

John began teaching on the Applied Spirituality Program in the summer school at Milltown for a number of years and started contemplative classes in 2007. After the closure of Milltown he moved to All Hallows college, an affiliate of Dublin City University where he worked for 10 years until 2013. John designed and taught a course called “The Art of Stillness” in All Hallows for a number of years as part of the School of Adult and Community learning. Two further modules were developed within the same context – “The Art of Deep Stillness” and “The Art of Sacred Stillness”. These modules were also taught as part of the Adult Learners BA degree program in All Hallows. In 2015 after the closure of All Hallows, he worked for four years offering professional supervision on the Chaplaincy training Masters in Dublin City University.

In 2005 John began teaching and facilitating groups on the work of Eckhart Tolle. John is registered on Eckhart Tolle’s website as a facilitator of his work based on his ground breaking book “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth – Awakening to Life’s Purpose”. He is the founder and director of The Beehive School starting in 2006 that offers on-going training and programs for students to reflect, meditate and deepen their awareness skills and is in the process of  publishing his first book in the area of meditation and contemplation.

The Beehive Mindfulness School is the first place in the world that offers a professional training program in Mindfulness & Spiritual Wellbeing. This Professional Teacher Training Diploma explores the concept and practices of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation (Insight Meditation) through the lens of personal, psychological and spiritual development. The skills empower the teacher to be able to offer mindfulness and meditation sessions in a variety of contexts. The teachers’ knowledge is then enhanced by developing Spiritual Wellbeing model of practice that shows how to put together different mindfulness and mediation practices depending on the philosophy, psychology or beliefs present. 

4. Energy Work

John is fluent in reading and working with energy. He does this through different modalities like hands on healing, reading peoples energy fields and connecting with subtler spiritual energies. He has studied Reiki, Spiritualist healing, energy awareness development courses and in the Spiritualist Arthur Finlay college in Stansted UK. He has sat in energy development and spiritualist circles on and off for most of his adult life. This has given him a real appreciation of how to attune to read and work with energy for healing and connection to loved ones.

5. Celebrant Work

In 2020 John graduated as a Onespirit Interfaith Minister. This two year training program gives people the skills to be celebrants for various rituals like weddings, baby blessings, funerals, rites of passage and relationship closure ceremonies. The beautiful part of this work is that each ceremony can be co-designed with the participants and they can choose what they want in it and where they want it to be held. John offers ceremony work in Ireland and Spain. Because of John’s broader range of skills and as an ordained minister, each type of ceremony is also wrapped in a care package. Before and after check-ins, support sessions, and even spiritual and therapeutic support is available.

On a personal note John works between Ireland and Spain and offers retreats and workshops with his wife Maria J. Lopez. John likes to play soccer, loves mindfulness dancing and is an avid Leinster rugby supporter. He is a Dad to three small boys and is trying out all his mindfulness skills in this area!