Poetry: Discovering Sanctuary

In the hushed sanctuary of my devoted practice,

I patiently await the gentle glow of spirit,

Embracing the obsidian expanse of sensory night.

The world outside fades away,

As my tether to its chaos is severed.

The room envelops me in tranquil darkness,

Silencing the clamour of noise, scent, flavour, touch, and vision.

With a prayer to the sacred, I unlock,

The gate to the dusky realm within,

A haven of serenity,

A sanctuary where solitude and surrender intertwine.

Here, in the midst of life’s tumult,

I find my true refuge,

Amidst the ceaseless whirl of sensations,

The unrelenting barrage of busy stimuli.

In a realm that is perpetually accessible,

With ceaseless activity,

Where the unending chatter of the mind

Leads me astray from the present moment,

Guiding me up into the tumultuous narrative

Of my perpetual life´s tale.

Yet, it is the allure of this soul´s sanctum I pursue,

The magnetic pull of my spirit beckoning me home,

Grounding me in the intangible real,

Beyond the confines of thought, emotion, and sensation.

Far, far beyond the beckoning calls of worldly attachment,

A dawn chorus echoes softly:

“Come home, Come home, Come home,”

Inviting me to repose in the Divine luminance of existence.

©2023 John F. Doherty

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