Poetry: The Inner Monastery

From Womb to Tomb   

©2023 John F. Doherty

In life’s embrace,
from womb till tomb we stay,
meeting challenges that come our way.
Equilibrium sways ‘twixt faith’s two poles,
Incarnation’s risk:
where emotion rolls.
Unknown fate beckons,
in shadows it hides,
death of form,
where all impact subsides.
Yet deep within,
layers obscurely laid,
a path emerges,
though often waylaid.
Spiritual journey through brokenness and pain,
seeking love and meaning,
we sustain.
Within us lies an Inner Monastery’s grace,
temple of holiness in life’s vast space.
An Altar of sacrifices,
both given and received,
doorway to soul,
where it’s believed,
darkness, quiet,
in stillness we find,
for whispers entwined.

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